Hastings By Night and Fog

It seems a snowy day followed by rain is a recipe for fog. And in the Hudson Valley, when the warmer rain hits the icy river, clouds are birthed and float up to engulf the town. It’s all very cinematic. Our usual river views of jagged cliffs and choppy waters become a white oblivion, occasionally pierced by the flashing lights of a passing boat or the horn of a train.

A few photos are below, mostly from my iphone. Took me a whole day before deciding to take out my real camera. I’m not sure when I became so lazy 😉 Also included are some downtown rainy shots. My favorite photo is the moody shot of the Newington-Cropsey Foundation,  a beautiful museum nestled down in the valley behind Hasting’s Main street. The randomness of its location only adds to the mystery and allure of the place.


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